Twin Placentas!

Twin Placentas!

Apr 11
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Gorgeous Twin Placentas – How very COOL is that!?

Did you know:  A single, shared placenta may indicate that the twins are monozygotic. The presence of two separate placentas, or two placentas that fuse together, is less conclusive. While all dizygotic multiples will have their own placentas (with very few exceptions), monozygotics may also have individual placentas, depending on when the zygote splits.

“Chorion” is the Latin root that refers to the placenta, while the word “amnion” refers to the sac, or “membranes” that surround each baby.

Check out Birth Without Fears post on shared placentas.

Twin Placenta




Christina Gabbard, CPES a.k.a Carolina Placenta Lady, is a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist serving natural mommies; health minded women who have an interest in the TCM properties of encapsulated placenta for alleviation or prevention of post-natal depression, “baby-blues”.  She also enjoys empowering moms through birth related challenges and transitions; helping them to conceive, carry, and confidently birth their babies. She resides in Charlotte NC with her family.


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