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Placenta Smoothie Recipe

Placenta Smoothie Recipe

May 12
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Okay, I realize that there may be a few of you that won’t be able to get beyond the initial “umm…ewww”, gross factor.  Understandable! After all we are talking about eating placenta here. But don’t write it off just yet. Consider the many healthful benefits associated with eating ones own placenta first.

You’re still with me? Good! Among the benefits of eating placenta in a smoothie in the postpartum period isRaw Placenta Smoothie Recipe that placenta is nourishing, and  helpful in keeping the “baby-blues” at bay. It’s known for its high contents of stem cells and growth factors which together heal damaged tissue and organs at an incredible rate.  Growth factors called cytokines stimulate cell division, the making of new cells, which is essential when healing, repairing and regeneration of damaged tissue.

Additional benefits of ingesting placenta smoothie are; internal wound healing, lessen postnatal bleeding and mood balancing, just after giving birth. Helpful for the prevention and treatment of  “baby blues”, balances  hormones, enhances milk supply, helps combat fatigue and increase energy. Lightly steamed placenta retains beneficial amounts of iron, hormones, and nutrients. Placenta smoothie made from *lightly steamed placenta is tonifying, will not have a cooling affect and will be beneficial anytime after birth.

Raw vs Steamed Placenta

I am not a proponent of raw smoothie consumption as raw placenta is considered “cooling” (creates a yin/yang imbalance) according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and therefore inadvisable. I understand that their are people who adhere to a strictly raw diet, and I respect that. Lightly steamed to pink is a better in my opinion as even lightly steaming it will make the preparation ‘warming” which is needed to restore the chi after childbirth.

Raw consumption does have its place, in my opinion, that place would be in birth situation following a birth where excess bleeding was experienced, as raw placenta can check bleeding. It’s true! I experienced that scenario first hand, as a midwife apprentice.

Cooked foods, including (steamed) and dehydrated placenta are considered “warming” in TCM.

Postpartum Mother Warming Soup

Postpartum Jujubes & Ginger Tea

Postpartum Bone Broth

Why Placenta Smoothie?

  • Reduces blood loss
  • Triggers the body to quickly heal internal wounds
  • Gives the body an immediate supply of essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Immediate boost of hormones to begin healing the body after birth
  • Gives the mother an immediate feeling of balance

Placenta Smoothie Recipe

  1. 1-2 walnut size pieces of  *lightly steamed placenta
  2. 1 cup fresh fruit or frozen mixed fruit
  3. 1 banana
  4. 2 cups of liquid (almond milk, coconut milk…)
  5. 1 tbsp rice protein powder (optional)
  6. sweetener to taste (stevia, honey…)

Add more or less liquid depending on the consistency you want.
Add a few ice cubes if you want it to be cold.

Blend well and ENJOY!
*serve immediately, refrigerate leftovers – must be consumed within 24 hours.


Christina Gabbard, CPES a.k.a Carolina Placenta Lady, is a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist serving natural mommies; health minded women who have an interest in the TCM properties of encapsulated placenta for alleviation or prevention of post-natal depression, “baby-blues”.  She also enjoys empowering moms through birth related challenges and transitions; helping them to conceive, carry, and confidently birth their babies. She resides in Charlotte NC with her family.

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Christina is a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist serving health-minded women who have an interest in the TCM properties of encapsulated placenta for alleviation or prevention of post-natal depression, “baby-blues”. When she's not caring for moms she's busy in the garden and enjoys experimenting with vegetarian and cultured foods recipes. Other things that bring her joy are being a Mother, Childbirth Educator, and Nurse. Oh, and chocolate - lots and lots of chocolate!


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  6. DAISY says:

    This is my 3rd child and I am scared for PPD I had it with my last child and i am 31 years old and i am totally down trying my own placenta

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